Team Learn2speak Dutch
Team Learn2speak Dutch

Meet the team

The Learn2speak Dutch team is a passionate group of language teachers with a warm heart for teaching. With a diverse background and expertise, they provide a pleasant learning environment for everyone. Together they work enthusiastically to help expats develop their Dutch language skills. Meet our language teachers.

Angela Reizi | Team Learn2speak Dutch

Angela Reizi

Angela is a former student of Learn2Speak Dutch and therefore she knows our vision and approach like no other. She now uses this knowledge to help others. As a teacher at Learn2speak Dutch, she transfers her passion for education and language to our Greek students, supporting them with the basic course.

Angela already has teaching experience, as she is a classroom assistant at a Dutch primary school. This lovely teacher is always ready to help our students and is a great source of motivation. Her friendly and patient approach encourages others to master the Dutch language as well as possible.

Monique Lapré | Team Learn2speak Dutch

Monique Lapré

Monique is an experienced and patient Dutch teacher with Greek as a second language. Her more than 35 years of marriage to a Greek man gives her a special insight into both Dutch and Greek culture. Because of her own experience in learning Greek, she understands better than anyone how challenging it can be to learn a second language later in life.

With a wealth of teaching experience, Monique has helped many to master the Dutch language. Her patient and supportive approach makes her students feel at ease as they immerse themselves in the Dutch language. In addition, Monique speaks both English and Greek as a second language, creating an inclusive learning environment for diverse expats.

Miriam Egas | Team Learn2speak Dutch

Miriam Egas

Miriam is a passionate and certified teacher at Learn2speak Dutch. She welcomes the expats with enthusiasm and supports them in developing their Dutch language skills. A fun fact: Miriam and Effie studied together at Hogeschool Utrecht as NT2 teachers. Nowadays they work together as colleagues at Learn2speak Dutch.

Because Dutch is Miriam's native language, she is a valuable mentor when it comes to speaking skills and sounds. She makes her students feel comfortable while practicing oral communication, and encourages them to develop and refine their speaking skills.