Learn2speak Dutch | aanbod voor bedrijven
Learn2speak Dutch | aanbod voor bedrijven

Online Dutch course - in-company

A tailor-made training program for your employees

Do you want to ensure that your expat employees really feel at home in the Netherlands and can communicate effectively in Dutch? With our flexible and tailor-made curriculum, your employees can reach the desired level within a short time and confidently master the Dutch language.

Dutch course in business

With a tailor-made course for expats within companies, we bring the language skills of your employees to the desired level. We adjust the frequency and duration of the journey based on the number of participants and the level they want to reach. In this way we ensure that your team can communicate and collaborate optimally in Dutch, and that all employees feel comfortable. In our opinion that’s the base for a long-term cooperation.

What are we going to work on together?

During the Online Dutch Course we will work with the desired language skills of the company. We create a tailor-made course that meets the needs of the company.

For example:

  • Improving grammar skills to communicate more accurately.
  • Increasing vocabulary to cover a wide range of topics.
  • Refining pronunciation to improve intelligibility and speak confidently.
  • Understanding the Dutch systems, such as health insurance and taxes, to better integrate into daily life in the Netherlands.
  • Learning about Dutch culture and customs, which is essential for successful interaction with Dutch colleagues and clients.
  • Developing the skills to communicate effectively in meetings and business conversations.
  • Writing professional e-mails and letters in Dutch.
  • Improving the oral and written skills to feel confident when communicating with others, for example during breaks, team outings or the 'coffee talk'.
  • The ability to express opinions and provide convincing arguments in Dutch.

What else you need to know

  • The course is given online, so the participants have no travel time.
  • The time of the course is determined in consultation with the company, so that it can be scheduled at times that suits best. This can be done, for example, in the morning, during the break or in the afternoon. The big advantage of this approach is that the participants do not have to spend their free time next to their work on learning Dutch.
  • The duration and frequency of the training program are determined in consultation with the company, depending on the level that the employees must reach. Based on these agreements, we put together a tailor-made lesson program to ensure that the language skills of the employees are improved within the desired period.

More information?

Would you like to know more about the Online Dutch Course for your employees? Or are you curious about the possibilities for expats within your company? Contact me as soon as possible! Together we can compile the ideal teaching program for your employees.