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About Effie Alexiadou

In Greece you don’t always study what you like; they’ve got a different system. For this reason I studied agricultural science and with my paper in my pocket I came to the Netherlands in 2012–with my husband, then still my boyfriend. The Netherlands has always attracted me and I had a strong feeling that I could build a future here that I deserved. When we arrived there was a lot to arrange. Together with my husband I started working at an employment agency, but of course we wanted to do what we had learned for.  And I can tell you: that is quite difficult if you don’t master the Dutch language.

My Dutch course

Before I started working as an agronomist, I decided to first learn the Dutch language. That turned out to be more difficult than I thought. During my courses I had so many questions and received so few answers from the teachers. I often got back “you’ll learn that naturally” or “practise makes perfect”. What is very normal for the Dutch, can be extremely difficult for non-native speakers to understand.

Dutch sounds; I found them very difficult

I know exactly what non-native speakers encounter when they start learning the Dutch language. For example, little explanation is given about the applicability of different rules. In addition, the sounds of the Dutch language are different to those abroad. In the Netherlands, for example, you have long A, E, O and  U sounds.

And sounds like ‘UI, ‘OU’ and ‘OE’ are also foreign for us. No matter how large your vocabulary is; if your pronunciation is incorrect, misunderstandings arise. Then of course it is of no use at all.

Dutch teacher

I wanted to help people so badly with what I encountered myself, so I decided to start my own language school.  A language school that takes into account the obstacles you encounter as a non-native speaker; clear, easy and fast. I completed my post HBO as a teacher in January 2020 and I am ready to teach you everything about the Dutch language.  My goal? At the end of the course you can participate in Dutch society at your own level by following the basic course, follow-up course or advanced course of Learn2speak Dutch.


Basic Dutch course
Level 0 - A2

Are you coming to live or work in the Netherlands, but you don’t or you hardly master the Dutch language? With the online basic course  Dutch from Learn2speak Dutch you learn to interact with the Dutch language in an accessible way, so that you can have short conversations and carry out daily activities without help.

Follow-up Dutch course
Level A2 - B1

Do you already have a good basic knowledge of the Dutch language, but you have the ambition to improve your language skills?  With the Learn2speak Dutch follow-up course we will delve even more into Dutch grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, so you can find your dream-job and really start building your life in the Netherlands.

Advanced Dutch course
Level B1 - B2

You speak the Dutch language quite well, but you just miss that bit of depth? With the in-depth course of Learn2speak Dutch we go more deeply into scientific, economic and political issues. You learn to research and present, so that you can develop yourself even more in order to ultimately achieve your higher goal.