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Dutch course for non-native speakers

Did you recently move to the Netherlands or do you already live in the Netherlands and would you like to master the Dutch language? Or do you already speak reasonably to good Dutch, but  is it not your mother tongue, which means you sometimes end up in difficult language situations or misunderstandings? Frustrating huh? At Learn2speak Dutch you will learn more about the Dutch language. Clear, easy and fast, so that you feel at home in the Netherlands as quickly as possible, you can bring your development to a higher level or perhaps even increase your chances on the Dutch labour market.

Basic Dutch course
Level 0 - A2

Are you coming to live or work in the Netherlands, but you don’t or you hardly master the Dutch language? With the online basic course  Dutch from Learn2speak Dutch you learn to interact with the Dutch language in an accessible way, so that you can have short conversations and carry out daily activities without help.

Follow-up Dutch course
Level A2 - B1

Do you already have a good basic knowledge of the Dutch language, but you have the ambition to improve your language skills?  With the Learn2speak Dutch follow-up course we will delve even more into Dutch grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, so you can find your dream-job and really start building your life in the Netherlands.

Advanced Dutch course
Level B1 - B2

You speak the Dutch language quite well, but you just miss that bit of depth? With the in-depth course of Learn2speak Dutch we go more deeply into scientific, economic and political issues. You learn to research and present, so that you can develop yourself even more in order to ultimately achieve your higher goal.

Dutch for foreign speakers | Effie Alexiadou

About Effie | Dutch for non-native speakers

Hi, my name is Effie and I came to the Netherlands with my husband in 2012 to live and work here. The Netherlands always attracted me and I had a strong feeling that I could build a future here that I deserved. I know exactly what you will encounter when you start learning the Dutch language. So let me help you!

I believe that you will only really feel at home if you have a good command of the Dutch language at your own level. And that’s why I want to help you improve your language skills through accessible, practical and simple Dutch courses for non-native speakers. Will I see you there?

Effie Alexiadou